Ethical Diamonds

At Empress Diamonds, we ensure that the diamond you choose shows your affection is worthy.
We work hard to satisfy each and every ethical standard of the diamond 
industry, in partnership
with governments, suppliers and contractors.

Empress Diamonds follows international codes of practice on conflict diamonds, 
complying with
anti-corruption policies and supporting the ethical integrity across 
our entire supply chain.

We can ensure the reliability of the relationships, along with the ethical treatment of all the
workers in the supply chain. This kind of cautious management ensures a balanced supply 
ethically sourced, nascent stones of the most exceptional quality.

When it comes to quality, we only deal with reliable diamond suppliers. 
Our defining qualities are honesty and integrity. All of our diamonds are authentic, 
and their purity guaranteed.

Additionally, Empress Diamonds works with environmentally-responsible refiners. 
We believe that an exquisite diamond is at its most precious when it truly represents 
your values and needs.

Empress Diamonds offers an extensive collection of diamonds, custom-made jewellery 
and jewellery cleaning, international shipping and an excellent support service. 
Now you can buy diamonds with confidence that they're ethically sound.If you would like to know more about our diamonds, or would like further 
information on our company and ethics, please contact us.

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