The 5 Steps of Building your Bespoke Ring

At Empress Diamonds, we pride ourselves in keeping the process simple, efficient and, most importantly, unique. 
Follow our five step process and create your dream ring.

Choose a design

Whether you’ve been dreaming of your engagement ring 
since you were a child, or you’re a total novice when it 
comes to jewellery, the first step is selecting a design.

We encourage our clients to research ring designs and come to us armed with inspiration. We then offer our expertise to help select the perfect band, setting and, of course, diamond.

Your budget & 
the quality diamond.

Understanding your budget is a crucial early stage step when you begin your diamond buying experience, as it will determine what we can help you select.

Choose a diamond

As a genuine wholesaler, we have many diamonds 
in stock for you to view and select from.

We’ll sit down together and go through the many options available to you, then compare your favourite ones and guide you in choosing the right stone.

Build the ring

Once we’ve discussed all the details of the ring, diamond, setting and finger sizing, we then set about making the ring.

This process takes approximately 3-5 weeks. We take great pride in the workmanship, quality and top finish of the ring.

Pick it up and love it forever

Once the ring is complete, we’ll call you to arrange the best time to pick it up.

Then, it’s on to you to create a lasting memory and begin your new life with your special someone.

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Whether you’ve been dreaming of diamonds since you were young, or are a complete novice when it comes to jewellery, we can help you create your perfect ring.

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