Colours of Diamonds

Coloured diamonds, classified as fancy diamonds, come in a range of colours, 
including yellow, pink, blue and even black. 

When looking at white diamonds, however, the higher quality stones have the least amount of colour. 
This is because they are able to reflect more light, and therefore are of greater value. 
White diamonds and fancy diamonds are graded on two separate colour scales.

Colour Scale

The Gemmological Association of Australia (GIA) assigns a colour grade to our white diamonds after they are examined in an environment which specifically eliminates colour from surrounding surfaces, as well as the light source itself.

These diamonds are categorised on a scale ranging from D-Z:

D: The highest colour grade a diamond can receive. 
These diamonds are 100% colourless and extremely rare.

E-F: Colourless, with only minute traces of colour. The difference 
between E and F diamonds are only visible to an expert gemologist.

G-H: Nearly colourless, ideal for platinum or white gold 
setting which deceive any hint of colour in a diamond.

I-J: Slightly coloured. Once set in jewellery they may appear 
colourless, and are ideal for engagement rings, earrings and 
pendants at a more affordable price.

K-M: Faint yellow colour is potentially noticeable.

N-Z: Noticeably light yellow colour. These grades of diamonds 
have too many impurities to be a pure white diamond.

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