Diamond Colour


The colour of a diamond depends on the quantity and nature of trace elements within the stone and how these elements originated.

Most commercially available diamonds range in colour from colourless to pale yellowish.

There are other colours of diamonds known as "fancy" which can be pink, blue, green, yellow, brown and even black.

Our diamonds have been assigned a colour grade by the GIA (Gemmological Association of Australia) in a viewing environment specially designed to eliminate colour from surrounding surfaces as well as the light source itself.

Diamond colour is graded according to the GIA standard colour scale and ranges from D to Z, where D is graded as the most colourless and costly and the Z the least.

Colour Scale


D – This is the highest colour grade a diamond can receive. It is 100% colourless and is extremely rare.

E and F –These are also colourless and contain minute traces of colour. The colour difference between an E and an F is only visible to an expert gemologist. They are the lowest, thus, least expensive of the premium colours.

G and H – These are nearly colourless and ideal for a platinum or white gold setting which would usually deceive any hint of colour in a diamond.

I and J – These are coloured diamonds and very slightly tinted, however, once set in jewellery these diamonds may appear colourless. If you are looking to make best use of your budget then these coloured diamonds offer great value for money. They make ideal engagement rings, earrings and pendants.

K-M – You may notice that a faint yellow colour is viewable. Regardless of the presence of colour, these grades of diamonds can still emit fire and charm.

N-Z – These are a noticeably a light yellow colour. They have too many impurities to be a pure white diamond.