Choosing Your Diamond Carat

When it comes to choosing your diamond carat, there may be an array of considerations that influence the size of your
 diamond. At Empress Diamonds, we’ve simplified the process into four components to help you find your perfect stone:

  • Your Personal Preference

    If you've got an idea of size, our jewellers will guide you through a selection of diamonds that also compliment your ideal clarity, colour and cut.

  • Your Finger Size

    Your hand and finger size can change how a diamond looks. On smaller hands, smaller diamonds are often more suitable as they appear larger and more proportioned to the hand. We’ll find you a diamond that suits your hands perfectly.

  • Style

    Your diamond's carat may change depending on the cut and style you’re after. If it's an emerald cut you're after, a diamond with a larger surface area but smaller carat would be ideal. At Empress Diamonds we pride ourselves on our ability to bring your dream design to life - we can recreate any ring exactly, or you can choose to develop an idea into a unique piece of jewellery with our design team.

  • Your Budget

    If you are selecting a diamond at a specific price point, we’ll guide you through our collection depending on what’s most important to you. If you’re looking for a larger diamond, we’ll show you options that scale lower on clarity, have more colour, or even have a larger size than weight, in order to fit your budget.

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