Diamond Carat


The carat is a unit of weight used for precious stones. In 1913 carat weight was measured against the metric system, with 1 carat equalling 0.2 grams or 0.007 ounces.

Within the diamond trade, fractions of a carat are referred to as "points" or simply as fractions. A 50-point diamond weighs 0.5 carats or 1/2 carat.


Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, along with colours and purities.

The larger the diamond the rarer it is. Therefore, the cost per carat of a larger diamond will be higher than that of a smaller diamond of the same colour, clarity and cut.

The price per carat of diamonds rises proportionally with size – the price per carat gets increased by the carat weight.

To determine a diamond's size, the carat weight of a stone must be measured on a special scale.

Choosing Diamond Carat

There are many criteria for choosing a diamond. Some people value the carat weight over clarity, others value colour over carat weight.

At Empress Diamonds, we take the most essential things into consideration:

Your personal preference:

You can choose which of the 4C’s is the most important to you. Some people prefer brilliance to size while others prefer large-sized diamonds with a lower clarity to bring down the price.

Your finger size:

A small diamond appears to be larger on small hands and vice-versa. Large diamonds can look clumsy on small fingers. For a woman with slender fingers, consider a diamond of lower carat weight and smaller carat size.


Consider choosing elongated diamond shapes such as pear, emerald or marquise to create an illusion of a larger-sized diamond. If a diamond is attached to a high-pronged setting, it can make a stone look larger. At Empress Diamonds we pride ourselves with all our custom made jewellery. Come with any design you like or see and we will match it exactly. Or let our designers help you create a unique piece of jewellery.


If you are looking for a larger stone but you are on a tight budget, take full advantage of the appearance of a stone by investing in its cut and choosing an excellent shape. You can buy diamonds with a higher carat weight, with lower clarity, colour and cut grades or simply choose a large carat size over carat weight.