Now that you know what carat, colour, clarity and cut to choose for
diamond, you may be asking about the cost.

At Empress Diamonds we pride ourselves on having the most competitive pricing in Australia,
across our entire collection. There are many factors affecting the price of a diamond, we will
provide you with a comprehensive diamond price guide that details what type of diamonds you
can expect to find within several price ranges. We will take 5% off any other written quote.

Diamonds are symbolic of our most monumental life events - our individualised services are
designed so you walk away with a standout piece that honours whatever you’re celebrating,
without compromising your budget. We have always been, and always will be committed to
offering the most competitive prices on diamonds.

We guarantee to assist you from the very start until the finalisation of your diamond purchase experience. We never compromise on quality or design, therefore our rings, necklaces and
bracelets are more than just captivating pieces of jewellery - they become heirlooms.

Our diamonds come from ethical sources and are 100% conflict-free guaranteed,
so you can buy with confidence.

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