Empress Diamonds founder Gabi Yitshaki began cutting diamonds in his youth, 
taking them from rough diamonds and shaping them with the perfect, brilliant finish.

His specialty was cutting the bottom facets, which in Hebrew translates to ‘brilliant at bottom’ - the most crucial area that makes the diamond sparkle and reflect light. After excelling at his craft, Gabi quickly advanced to buying and selling diamonds 
and became known as “the shark” amongst his peers at the Israeli Diamond Bourse.

A cornerstone of the community, dealers would approach Gabi for his knowledge 
in all areas: cutting, manufacturing, improving, buying and selling. Migrating to Australia, Gabi opened a wholesale business, Crown Diamonds International. Noticing how ‘corrupt’ the market is and just how much diamonds 
are marked up to sell to the general public, he decided to open a retail branch, 
and Empress Diamonds was born.

Now, Gabi’s legacy lives on through his children who have spent their lives learning from and honing their craft with him.

A family business in every sense, Empress Diamonds has enjoyed continued success by providing high-grade designs with the lowest prices and certification of authenticity from recognised diamond grading laboratories.

All Empress Diamonds staff are trained gemologists, trained at the Gemmological Institute of Israel (Eli Dori), and have been trained first-hand by the big boss, Gabi - the best training one can have.

The team meticulously examine each diamond to ensure it meets your requirements and achieves incomparable brilliance and beauty.

At Empress Diamonds we are proud to offer top quality service, a fully guided process and custom-made jewellery especially for you! So whether your budget 
is $1,000 or $100,000; we’re confident we can help you create a unique piece of jewellery, whether it be a ring, necklace, bracelet or earings in your choice of platinum or gold. We would love to help you find the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one.

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A note from the owner

"Jewellery is a sign of love. A sign of thoughtfulness. A sign of commitment.

The most rewarding part of the job is being part of someone’s big day. Seeing a guy walk in and want to give his
 future wife to be the best kind of ring that will show his love for her. That is rewarding. Seeing kids want to buy their 
mother a piece of jewellery for her birthday/anniversary/any day - to show her how much they appreciate her, how 
much they love her, how much they care for her. That’s rewarding.

Being a part of someone’s commitment to another person. No matter what the occasion is - we’re here to make the 
process as smooth and simple and cost effective as can be. We build a connection with our clients. Make them feel 
at home, make them feel like a part of our family. And that is why they keep coming back. Like we’re your good old family jeweller. We love it."

-Liron Yitshaki

Additional Services

  • Complementary cleaning
  • Evaluation
  • Engraving
  • Polish & Rhodium
  • Inspection service on diamond ring 
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