Tips For Proper Diamond Jewellery Care

While it is true that the diamond is the hardest mineral to ever exist in this world, not minding how to properly take care of it would be a complete waste of a very valuable investment. As they say, diamonds are forever, but its shine can be effected overtime just like any other gemstone.

It is not at all that difficult to keep your diamond jewellery looking brand new. In some cases, all you need is a damp cloth to remove surface dirt and to give it a little polish. But if your piece needs a little more elbow grease to keep it looking immaculate, follow these tricks of the trade.

Regular Cleaning

It seems to be a pretty straightforward idea, but this is easily one of the jewellery maintenance processes that is often neglected. Your hands are almost always in contact with an item that can transfer minute particles, that when they accumulate, create a layer of dirt that lessens the brilliance of the stone. What’s worse is you could have spent thousands on a diamond that no longer shines like it used to.

At least twice a month, soak your jewellery in a solution of equal parts water and dishwashing liquid (or the like). Leave it overnight to soften the grime. In the morning, remove any particles still stuck in the stone with a soft bristled brush. Rinse with warm water and dry with a smooth cloth.

In the event that this is not enough to completely take away surface dirt that may have formed a crust, bring your piece to a professional jeweller who offers ultrasonic cleaning. What this does is it uses vibration to shake off the dirt from the stone.

Wear with Caution

If you are expecting to perform highly laborious tasks that may damage your diamond necklace, earrings or ring in any way, it would be wise to remove them to avoid ruining the precious items. Again, diamonds are very strong, but they also have their structural weak spots called fault lines that, when hit, may cause the stone to split.

Moreover, the prongs that encase the gems may become disfigured because of occasional snagging and may set the diamonds lose. A regular visit to Empress Diamonds who has the tools to assess the prongs’ quality, and has the skills to reset stones would make a world of a difference in ensuring that the gems remain intact.

Insure It

When all else fails and the damage has already been done, a comprehensive insurance on your diamonds will lessen the blow. As heartbreaking as it is to part ways with your beloved best friend, an entitlement to a claim will allow you to find another one that may even be better than the last. Talk to our trusted jewellery sales associate for expert advice on the best policies for your sparklers. And if you have lost it, don’t stress, we will guide you in the best way possible to ensure you get a ring back on your finger!

Empress Diamonds Care:

At Empress Diamonds, we are keen and determined to ensure that your diamond bracelet or ring looks the same as the day you bought it, even 5 years later. Therefore, we offer a lifetime free cleaning with any purchase. It only takes a couple of minutes, but will have your ring looking brand new! No appointment needed, so don’t hesitate to come in during opening hours.