Best Diamond Engagement Ring Styles For Active Women

When it comes to buying a

diamond engagement ring

, most people tend to focus on appearance. While there's nothing wrong with wanting to sport a beautiful ring, there are also other things you need to consider, namely durability and comfort. This is especially important if you or your fiancée-to-be has an active lifestyle.

Yes, diamonds are incredibly strong but, like any jewellery, they can also suffer wear and tear and, worst case scenario, crack or chip. So if your bride-to-be is always on the go, here are some tips you can follow to make sure you choose a ring that fits perfectly balances beauty and practicality.

Choose a bezel setting

The bezel setting is the active woman's go-to style. Bezel settings have a rim of metal around the girdle of the centre stone that serves as protection, preventing it from being chipped and damaged. Since there are no prongs, you won't have to worry about your ring getting snagged or scratched as well!

Bezel settings work with various diamond shapes and can be customised to feature milgrain details to give the ring a light-catching vintage flair.

Go for platinum

While gold and silver are traditional choices, platinum settings offer the most protection. It is four times more durable than gold and is often mixed with alloy metals like copper, iridium, and rhodium. But keep in mind that platinum is more expensive than gold and silver, especially high-grade platinum (900 and 950 purity). If you're on a budget, you can opt for palladium. Just note that palladium is not a good material to work with if you want a setting with many small, intricate details.

Look at wide-band engagement rings

Wide-band engagement rings are easier on your finger if you do workouts that involve using your hands frequently. Wide-band engagement rings also endure more wear and tear than thinner bands.

Opt for round-shaped diamonds

Oval and round diamonds have gentle curves and are a great option to prevent damage. Avoid pear or marquise diamonds since they have sharp points that can snag easily.

Final thoughts

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