4 Reasons to Choose Custom Engagement Rings

Getting married is one of life’s biggest milestones. Your wedding day is something you think and dream about years before the actual event.Your partner may have already thought of their ideal engagement ring, the best wedding planner, the color of the flowers, even the food at the reception long before getting engaged. If you’re planning on settling down soon, start by ‘putting a ring on it’ in style.

But how do you find the perfect ring? If you can't find 'the one' that speaks to you, a

custom engagement ring

might be what you're looking for! 

Why you should choose a custom engagement ring

Especially made to your specifications

Carat size, quality, style of ring, with customization you have complete control over your perfect ring. A great jeweler can turn your vision into reality, or perhaps even make it better!

Exceptional quality

Unlike mass-produced rings, a custom one will have the expert workmanship and special care of a skilled designer. He or she will make sure that the final product meets your expectations. Plus you have input into the materials used and the details created.

The price is right

Before your ring is created, you can discuss the price and quality of diamonds and find out how to maximize your diamond choice while sticking to your budget. Consulting a diamond wholesaler like Empress Diamonds means you’ll be able to get better price for your desired gemstone, or get more stone (size/quality) for your budget.

Uniquely for you and your partner

With a custom design no one else will have the same ring as your partner, and that shows how much thought was put into finding the perfect ring. Many couples love the idea of customized engagement rings because it expresses their love and commitment – every detail reminds them of what makes their relationship unique.

When getting engaged, your special someone deserves the most special ring there is. Empress Diamonds offers custom made engagement rings in various diamond shapes, sizes, qualities and styles – giving you a wide range for customization. With Empress Diamonds, there are thousands of ring options for you to choose, so you will find a ring that truly embodies your partner’s personality and uniqueness.

Extensive options for your custom made engagement ring at Empress Diamonds will make it easy to get the right and most exquisite engagement ring while sticking to your budget. By booking an exclusive consultation, you’re one step closer to putting a ring on her finger!

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